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Hello Parender, These hands look very much like Down syndrome:- handshape: squarish finger features;- fingers: abnormally short fingers, very small pinky finger with clinodactyly;- dermatoglyphics: high positioned axial triradius in the left hand for sure, and I think I observe a double loop on the hypothenar in the right hand. By the way, you didn't comment on my suggestion regarding Down syndrome.

Unfortunately I can't see all fingerpints but I think I observe some characteristics that are also typical for Down syndrome (high slanted loops on index fingers of both hands; and I think there is a radial loop on the ring finger of the right hand). Anyway, I think his development will continue to be troublesome.

Dinner with the board members (from Ateneo ) of Sta. He was ordained and lived in Miarayon bukidnon for 4 years.

He gave us medallions of Mama Mary which they wear during the month of the Holy Rosary.

Thanks to my mom for putting so much effort into all the events in the village and for gathering the neighbourhood together.

Thank you JJ Yulo @nekkidchef for being the host all the time #H2HTheme Parties #Forbes Park Association Previous entry: Family Fun Fair August 19, 2015 So much fun at FPA Arcadia Family Fun Zone #Forbes Park Association #H2HTheme Parties #Arcadia Family Fun Zone I’m a kid at heart always !

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