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Big fan ;) @katemoennig""@evanrachelwood."Waited for 2 weeks to see the hand accident on DEADLIEST CATCH," Moennig said.

@katemoennig," Wood replied."@evanrachelwood It was total bulls--t," Moennig said.

Her portrayal of an m2f transsexual, Jake Pratt, in that gave her real stardom (and had women the world over questioning their sexuality! When The L Word ended after six successful seasons, it was Kate as Shane that viewers reported missing the most. Heavily tattooed, Kate worked as a model for a while before she started acting.

The Advocate January 31, 2006 issue asked Jennifer, “Do people still assume that you have to be a lesbian to play one on TV? Well, of course we can assume anything we want to, but until Kate Moennig tells us herself that she is a big ol’ woman-lovin’ lesbian, we’re still left to wonder. Can we conclude from Jennifer Beal’s statement that Kate Moennig is an out lesbian too? Born and raised in Philadelphia, Kate’s German, Scottish and Irish ancestry make her an exceptional beauty, making it difficult for viewers to look away whenever she appears on screen.Extremely talented and with a huge fan base, Kate still isn’t as well known as her cousin Gwyneth Paltrow because of her preference for choosing peculiar roles, usually those involving some gender bending.