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Many female lawyers attest to double standards and discrimination. Men still dominate the airwaves, music industry, film industry, etc, and are most decisionmakers and critics (often with a silent or not so silent male perspective.) Women make up only 11% of the national experts on Sunday morning political talk shows, and only 6% to 7% of the repeat guests. Most major film studios are headed by men, and nine out of ten music videos are produced by men. It's a societal thing more than a legal thing.For the most part, women need to be sex objects and to be young to be successful in music and to some extent, films, TV. I just feel like it would be nicer if what a guy should look and behave like and what a girl should look and behave like were less strict.Now comes the recycling this month of another Clinton tall tale: that shortly before her 1975 marriage to Bill Clinton, she decided in a fit of patriotic fervor and dedication to “public service” to stroll into a recruiter’s office in Arkansas and join the Marine Corps.It’s an anecdote she trots out to charm military audiences, whether it’s a group on Capitol Hill in 1994, or, most recently, to veterans in Derry, NH. I will be 27.’ And he goes, ‘Well, that is kind of old for us.’ And then he says to me, and this is what gets me, ‘Maybe the dogs will take you,’ meaning the Army,” she added. Never mind that the term is “dogface,” used to refer to the Army infantry.An extraordinary insight into the secretive world of the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.When two radical Amish men, Ephraim and Jesse Stoltzfus, start to question some of the most fundamental aspects of their Amish culture, they face excommunication from their church and total rejection by their friends and family.Like so many carefully parsed Clintonian statements, Hillary’s Leatherneck fantasy is either unverifiable or dependent upon how it’s phrased.

They are ultimately excommunicated for not following strict Amish law, but that's not the end of the story.“He looks at me and goes, ‘Um, how old are you,’ ” Clinton recalled at the New Hampshire event on Nov. And never mind as well that, given the tenor of the times, the Marines or any other service would have taken young Ms.Rodham in a heartbeat, especially given their need for lawyers.The Amish arrived in America 300 years ago and settled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, today home to around 30 000 hardworking Amish whose lives revolve around their church, families and land.As well as a strictly plain dress code, they don't use cars, electricity and eschew modern technology.