Emily and chris harrison dating

And the following year, reports said that he was seeing a woman named Kelly Sarac.

This isn't the first time fans have wondered if Chris Harrison is dating a Season 17.

I was never one of those married guys that was like, 'Man, I wish I was at the club at 4 a.m. ' I am so happy to be home, I love my life at home."And now, it looks like Harrison can enjoy his life at home with a new ladylove.

Elite Daily had the chance to speak with Emily and Haley Ferguson exclusively at Radio Row in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Saturday, May 20, to talk about the upcoming season.Kelly is a mother of three who hails from Santa Monica, although she currently resides in Oak Park, Calif.She was previously married to Tommy Sarac, although it's unclear whether the former couple is currently divorced or separated.While Steve isn't sure of Ashlee and Chris' relationship status, it seems possible they are more than just friends.WILL BEN HIGGINS AND LAUREN BUSHNELL GET MARRIED ON TV? Neither Ashlee nor Chris has commented on the romance rumors.