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Triggers are catalysts that create a need/desire to act out sexually.Emotional and psychological (and sometimes physical) discomfort are common triggers.This type of texting usually includes obscene words, images and even personal photos exchange. These two applications are designed more as a source of entertainment than a messaging service.For example these apps can be used when a teen wants to make a compliment like a real pirate.Sexual addiction, like other addictions, is cyclical in nature, with no clear beginning or end and one stage leading to the next and then the next.Generally speaking, there are six distinct stages in the cycle of sexual addiction: triggers, fantasy, ritualization, acting out, numbing, and despair.

Indian Ensemble’s recent play #supernova (written by Rahul Rai and directed by Abhishek Majumdar), which premiered on 3rd June 2017 at Goethe Institut in Bangalore, is one such serious attempt to engage with these questions in the context of global human trade of our times.#supernova is a story of an adolescent boy Santosh from Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India, who gets trafficked through an elaborate yet hidden network of human trafficking, which has been made possible through the web of digital technologies.The discourse on human trafficking as modern day slavery, especially concerning child trafficking, is a pretty straightforward one.Unlike voluntary sex work which is more ambiguous, trafficking is both illegal and immoral from every perspective, be it the question of human freedom or the violence that a trafficked person undergoes.With an obviously tragic story of trafficking and sexual exploitation, it is quite easy to fall in the trap of a black and white depiction of reality, between the sexual predator and the prey, which generates sympathy for the victim and tears in the eyes of audience.This happens in most cases when art is made for a “social cause,” as we end up witnessing a highly moralised story that provides ready-made answers instead of asking questions.