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Arranged the sailing experience for a client and was very impressed with the friendliness and excellent customer service that was provided through out the arrangement.

I was told that the experience exceeded their expectations.

Procopius actually stated that the admiral of the fleet, ‘gave an order that the three ships carrying the officers in chief command should have as much as a third of the upper angle of their sails painted red’.

As Richard Bowen points out, ‘Sottas immediately infers from the word “angle” that the three ships were lateen-rigged’.

Thank you for everything Carol Ellis and the rest of the crew at St. ~ For Directions to our office and fleet, please choose ‘Contact Us’ from the Menu above. Our Captains/Instructors are certified by the American Sailing Association and are USCG licensed...

you'll find us to be a Friendly, Supportive Staff of Fellow Sailors!

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Of course, you couldn't tell that from this song, because it represents such hope, but it came out of a very difficult time." Wilson has said of the track: "Van Dyke really inspired this one.

Our experienced local skippers are available for hire with the yacht if you don't have a qualified crew member.

Hiring your own sailing yacht provides you with a unique way to see Croatia, similar to hiring a car you decide your own itinerary, then stick to that as closely as you like.

If you enjoy one destination, feel free to stay longer - its your trip so you decide!

Check our site for upcoming sails onboard the Clipper City Tall Ship and Shearwater Classic Schooner.