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This popularly accepted wisdom has also been used to back up moral arguments against premarital sex, sometimes by influential officials — like Eric Keroack, a Department of Health and Human Services appointee under President George W.

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It started with a Daily Mail piece headlined, “Sex: Why it makes women fall in love — but just makes men want MORE!

” Other outlets picked up on the story and the women’s blog the Frisky bleakly concluded, “After sex, men are feeling satiated, perhaps thinking of sleep or pizza, or the next time we’ll do them and we are stuck wondering whether or not we love him.”The original report, if you can even call it that, claimed to be about a recent study out of Rutgers University, but much of the content — especially about how orgasms cause a flood of oxytocin, commonly referred to as the “cuddle drug,” that makes women indiscriminately fall in love — was attributed to a U. doctor who had nada to do with the actual research.